This Sexual Ethics Training and Certification Program is a turnkey, surefire means to jettison you into the world with the solidity and integrity that you require as emissaries of the King. We have testimonies from Churches and their leadership to affirm the effectiveness they experience with this resource. The Holy Spirit inspires this strategic approach to steward followers of Jesus onto the path of sexual integrity *before* they are assaulted with regular temptation in their ministry contexts. 

If you allow us to come alongside you in this pursuit of righteousness, we can already promise you that the minimal effort will be maximally beneficial. The training of sexual integrity is no longer an option or a fringe concern. This is the fight of our lives! The Good News is that the Gospel penetrates this disease of sexual sin. More than that, the curriculum of Christlikeness has already established everything that we need for the fullness of life and the lifestyle of godliness.

This course has a three-part focus

  • To reinforce your own sexual integrity

  • To train and equip you in shepherding others regarding sexual integrity

  • To achieve the exclusive PROVEN Sexual Ethics Training Lifetime Certification

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    1. Introduction

    2. Leadership Lesson - Introduction to leadership

    3. Workbook Lesson - How the gospel transforms our walk-in sexual integrity

    4. Appendix - Why Jesus?

    1. Introduction

    2. Leadership Lesson - Who should lead

    3. Workbook Lesson - Exploring the roots of lust

    4. Appendix - The nature of sexual immorality

    1. Introduction

    2. Leadership Lesson - Beginning the process

    3. Workbook Lesson - Selfishness and pride

    4. Appendix - Freedom from sexual bondage

    1. Introduction

    2. Leadership Lesson - Schedule logistics

    3. Workbook Lesson - A roadmap for victory

    4. Appendix - Freedom from sexual bondage

    1. Introduction

    2. Leadership Lesson - Selecting group members

    3. Appendix - The meeting outline

    4. Workbook Lesson - Guard rails are not restrictions but rather guidelines

    5. Appendix - Feelings chart

    6. Appendix - Relational exercises

About this course

  • $49.95
  • 40 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content