What You Will Learn

  1. 01
    • An Introduction to The Sex Talk - Meet Your Guides

    • Quick Question

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • Why Does Our Sexuality Matter?

    • Discussion Questions (What is Sexuality?)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

    • A daughter's experience with the "old school sex talk"

  2. 02
    • Quick Question

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • Parenting from Your Story.

    • Discussion Questions (Does my history disqualify me?)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

    • Encouragement for Your Marriage

  3. 03
    • Quick Question

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • Is Porn Teaching Your Kids, Or Are You?

    • Discussion Questions (When should I have the sex talk?)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

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  5. 05
    • Quick Question

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • Technology & The Sex Talk - Brad Huddleston

    • Discussion Questions (Technology and the sex talk)

    • Parents' Digital Playbook for Purity

    • Quick Question

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • How Does The Sex Talk Impact Your Family, Friends, Church, & Community? - Joy Cover

    • Discussion Questions (Family, Friends, Church, and Community)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

  6. 06
    • Quick Question

    • A word about sons from Jon & Tammy

    • The Sex Talk with Sons - Kent Evans

    • Discussion Questions (The sex talk with sons)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

    • A Sexual Purity Offensive Battle Plan for Parents

    • Quick Question

    • A Word about Daughters from Jon & Tammy

    • The Sex Talk with Daughters - Tonya Minor

    • Discussion Questions (The sex talk with daughters)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

  7. 07
    • Quick Question

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • Theology of the Body

    • Discussion Questions (Theology of the body)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

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    • Quick Question

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • The Sex Talk Starts with Relationship

    • Discussion Questions (The sex talk starts with relationship)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

  9. 09
    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • Coaching Our Children Towards Biblical Sexual Ethics -Paul James

    • Discussion Questions (Coaching our children towards biblical sexual ethics)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

    • Quick Question

  10. 10
    • Quick Question

    • A Word from Jon & Tammy

    • Your child is already struggling, and you aren't sure what to do.

    • Discussion Questions (Your child is addicted, What now?)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

  11. 11
    • Quick Question

    • How Jon and Tammy Started the Sex Talk

    • You Can Do It! - Virgil Tanner

    • Discussion Questions (You can do it)

    • AUDIO ONLY -Listen While You're Driving

    • Additional Resources

    • Same-Sex Attraction, Gender, and LGBTQ+ Conversations


Nick Liberto

5 star rating

“This course is super relevant for me as a parent. It really helps address my fears and concerns for having the sex talk with my son. I have great ideas for how to get started and my biggest take away from this course is that it's not just supposed...”

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“This course is super relevant for me as a parent. It really helps address my fears and concerns for having the sex talk with my son. I have great ideas for how to get started and my biggest take away from this course is that it's not just supposed to be "A" talk but rather a conversation over the better part of a decade. ”

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  • Can this be used in a small group format or with my whole organization?

    Yes, most definitely! We simply ask that each family unit purchase their own access to the video course. For large group discounts (25+) please contact info@thesextalk.com

  • I'm a parent of young children. Is this course for me?

    Most definitely, it's never too early to start getting equipped for these conversations! We recommend parents should begin having age-appropriate conversations about sex with their children by the time they turn 6. This is because the average age of pornography exposure is now 8 and continues to get younger and younger. However, if you have children over the age of 6, it's not too late to begin talking to them about sex.

  • Do I watch this with my kids?

    This course has been designed specifically for parents and we do not recommend watching it with your children.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    Each family is different and the course can go as fast or as slow as you need. Some families complete the course in a few weeks, while others choose to spend a year or more based on the needs of their children.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Each user has a subscription that renews every year. We've kept the price as low as possible with the hope that families are able to keep their subscription as a resource for several years as their children continue to grow. The subscription is able to be canceled at anytime through your account.

  • Who is TheSexTalk.com?

    TheSexTalk.com is a resource of Proven Ministries. Proven Ministries is a 501(c)(3) not for profit that was founded in 2001 and is committed to seeing a revival of sexual integrity throughout the entire Bride of Christ. Proven creates sexual integrity resources for individuals, families, churches, and organizations. Visit www.ProvenMinisries.org

  • Is this course affiliated with any specific religion or denomination?

    TheSexTalk.com is a Christian resource designed to be ecumenical and diverse. This project keeps to an orthodox Christianity position (see Nicene Creed) and is made up of a wide variety of men, women, ethnicities, and denominations.

  • How can I partner with TheSexTalk.com and become an affiliate?

    We have several affiliates who help us tell parents about this great resource. In return they receive a small percentage from each sale. We would be happy to receive an affiliate application from you. Please email info@thesextalk.com.

  • Why is this a subscription per year versus a one-time payment

    The software utilized to host this course charges us monthly per user therefore we are unable to offer lifetime access. We decided to go with an affordable annual subscription. Our parental feedback has confirmed the tremendous value of this course.


Instructor Bio:

Matt Fradd is the creator of Strive 21 (A 24 day porn detox app) as well as the creator and host of the Pints With Aquinas podcast. Matt is the author and coauthor of several books including, The Porn Myth, Does God Exist? A Socratic Dialogue on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas. Learn more about Matt at www.pintswithaquinas.com

Matt Fradd

Author & Speaker


Instructor Bio:

Joy Cover is the President of Freedom 424: A non-profit committed to fighting sex-trafficking. Since 2006, Joy Cover has worked in the non-profit field, providing her with experience in identifying priority needs within a community; developing organizational strategy and education initiatives; program implementation and management; and international staff management. Learn more about Joy at www.freedom424.org

Joy Cover



Instructor Bio:

Josh Glaser is the Executive Director of Regeneration Ministries and coauthor of Treading Boldly Through a Pornographic World: A Field Guide for Parents. Josh also authored Rescue, a year-round discipleship program for men seeking deeper intimacy with Jesus as their Source of freedom from sexual sin. Learn more about Josh at www.regenerationministries.org

Josh Glaser

Author & Executive Director

Curt Thompson, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice in Falls Church, Virginia. He is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. His clinical focus has been the treatment of adults, adolescents, and families. His main focus of clinical and research interest has been the integration of psychiatry, its associated disciplines, and Christian spirituality. Learn more about Curt at www.curtthompsonmd.com

Dr. Curt Thompson

Author & Psychologist

Rev. Paul James is the Board Chairman of CareView International (CVI) and Lead Pastor of CareView Community Church in Lansdowne, PA. Rev. James is an active ministry consultant deeply committed to empowering and mobilizing pastors and spiritual leaders around the world through prayer, counseling, fathering and mentoring. He also serves as guest chaplain for several NFL teams. Learn more about Rev. Paul at www.careviewcommunitychurch.org

Rev. Paul James

Pastor & Chairman

Tonya Minor is a wife, and a mother of three. Tonya and her husband have been in church ministry for many years. They currently serve at Bedrock Community Church Lynchburg; Jeremy is a pastor and Tonya leads the women's ministry. Together they have mentored couples in pre-marital counseling.

Tonya Minor

Mother & Wife

Th.D. Christopher West is the Cofounder, president, and senior lecturer of Theology of the Body Institute, and professor of theological anthropology at Pontifex University. His global lecturing, best-selling books, multiple audio and video programs, and popular podcast (co-hosted by his wife Wendy) have made him one of the world’s most recognized teachers of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Learn more about Christopher at www.tobinstitute.org

Th.D. Christopher West

Author & President

Kent Evans is the Board chairman and co-founder of Manhood Journey, a ministry that helps fathers and mentors build the next generation of godly men. He is the author of Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You and Bring Your Hammer: 28 Tools Dad's Can Grab From the Book of Nehemiah. Learn more about Kent at www.manhoodjourney.org

Kent Evans

Author & Chairman

Brad Huddleston is an internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher and author on the important issues such as technology and culture. He's also the author of Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance and The Dark Side of Technology: Restoring Balance in the Digital Age. https://bradhuddleston.com

Brad Huddleston

Author & Speaker

Kristen Jenson is the founder of Defend Young Minds and best-selling author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids and Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds. Kristen is the CEO of Glen Cove Press LLC and the executive producer of the Brain Defense: Digital Safety curriculum. She is a leader in the Safeguard Alliance of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. You can learn more about Kristen at www.defendyoungminds.com

Kristen Jenson

Founder & CEO

Rick James is the Publisher of CruPress, an arm of Cru producing ministry tools and creative resources. He is also the author of Jesus without Religion, Watch, A Million Ways to Die, and Up All Night.

Rick James

Author & Publisher

Virgil Tanner oversees hundreds of amazing people doing incredibly generous work in some of the most challenging environments on the earth, and along the way, he’s learned how to thrive. He has lived on three continents and currently oversees strategy and global operations for a non-profit with hundreds of staff scattered all over the world.

Virgil Tanner

Teacher & Mentor

Dr. Bryan Loritts is the president and founder of the Kainos Movement, teaching pastor at The Summit Church, and the author of several books including his latest release, The Dad Difference. You can learn more about Bryan at www.bryanloritts.com

Dr. Bryan Loritts

Author & Pastor